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05/31/2019 by Admin

When a bone moves out of place in the body, the body cannot self-correct. The essential, natural and usual response is for the body to twist and bend, in various places adjacent to the problem area, to compensate for the imbalance. This results in abnormal pulling on and stressing of other tissues and organs such as the nervous system and vascular system.

This ultimately leads to the production of symptoms that people experience in the body, are in fact compensations, whose true origin, is a bone or bones out of place in a direction that the body cannot self-correct.

These compensations are what everyone else in the medical and non-medical profession focus on in their treatment and not the true cause or origin. This is what sets ABC™ apart from every other physical treatment modality and is what makes Advanced BioStructural Correction™ so unique when applied correctly.

It’s why painkillers, braces, general exercises, surgery and many therapies often won’t help in the long-term. Eventually the pain returns in the same location or nearby. And the reason why after trying physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths, clients come to us for help.



A healthy, functional, and pain-free body means proper alignment, joint position and function. This occurs when all load-bearing joints (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders) line up horizontally and vertically. Where the ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders and head are stacked symmetrically on top of one another, and balanced left to right and front to back.


When the bodies posture is misaligned, it causes the body to compensate to function properly. This means joints become less efficient, making them more prone to injury, abnormal wear and tear, impingement and pain. Muscles become imbalanced and are put under excessive strain leading to improper movement patterns.


Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™, known as ABC™ for short, is a revolutionary application which corrects your posture by applying specific spinal and pelvic adjustments, which provide tremendous improvements in posture as well as the relief of painful symptoms and conditions.

Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™, corrects spinal misalignments, or “subluxations”, in which a bone has been pushed forward in a direction the body cannot self-correct. The body is unable to push these bones back because there are no muscles to do so. Because the body cannot fix these misalignments, it must instead compensate by forcing bones out of alignment above or below the area that cannot self-correct, to reduce pressure on the spinal cord in that area.

With ABC™, only the subluxations are corrected, thereby fixing the problem the body could not self-correct, thus allowing the body to remove (unwind) the corresponding compensations which are no longer needed. A unique feature of ABC™. ABC™ is different from many other chiropractic and manipulative techniques, and the results are far more effective and predictable as a result. Through the process of corrective adjustments, the body releases compensation in response to those corrections.

The body literally “unwinds” through built up layers of injuries, problems and compensations during a patient’s course of care. This process is called the “unwinding” and it is part of the healing experience all ABC™ patients go through as their body restores proper posture, structure, and function.


ABC™, when applied correctly, will always consistently produce results with the exception to conditions developed from chemical, cancer, infection or fracture causes.

Unlike traditional chiropractors, our pain reduction, posture correction & mobility program utilises Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™) protocol that targets the root cause of your chronic pain. The method is effective in helping you deal with:

  • – Back Pain
  • – Shoulder pain (incl. rotator cuff injuries)
  • – Elbow pain (incl. golfer’s & tennis elbow)
  • – Wrist Pain (incl. carpel tunnel syndrome)
  • – Hip Pain
  • – Headaches and Migraines
  • – Poor Circulation / Raynaud’s Syndrome
  • – Fibromyalgia / CFS / CMT / MS
  • – Foot & Ankle Pain
  • – Knee Pain
  • – Jaw Pain
  • – And much, much more

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