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Eliminate Pain With Postural Correction.

05/31/2019 by Admin

At Pain & Mobility Clinic, Birmingham we specialise in helping people move pain-free. By going back to basics and focusing on your posture, our postural therapy helps to eliminate chronic pain without drugs or surgery. The approach utilises a system called Advanced Bio-Structural Correction which starts off with a full body assessment of misalignment of your bones and then follows with a series of gentle ‘hands-on’ adjustments to correct misalignments in the musculoskeletal system of your body.

The core belief behind Advanced Bio-structural correction is that pain, whether acute or chronic, is the result of misalignment in the body as a direct result of the bone moving in a direction the body cannot self-correct (i.e. forward). Since, there are no muscles pulling the bone back, the compensations lead to pain. When the body works properly finding realignment through Advanced Bio-Structural Correction, comfort will increase, pain will decrease naturally, and you will get back to doing your daily activities freely.

What Is Advanced Bio-Structural Correction?

Since the Advanced Bio-Structural Correction method was first founded by Dr Jesse Jutkowitz in 1990s, it has spread widely. There are many Advanced Bio-Structural Correction Certified Practitioners around the world.

Our weight distribution should be 50–50 left to right and “vertically loaded,” meaning our head is sitting squarely over our shoulders and our hips all the way down through the knee and ankle joints. When this isn’t the case, such misalignments and uneven distributions lead to pain in some areas of the body, if not multiple areas of the body.

This misalignment and uneven distribution is a result of when a bone/s is/are pushed in a direction the body can’t self-correct, there can a domino effect in which other areas of the body are thrown off. Some common postural integrity issues today include a change in the curve of the back and a forward tilt of the hips, which can result in neck, shoulder, back, knee and/or foot pain. Pain is more likely to occur in an environment of misalignment and misuse. The body functions best when everything is aligned. Advanced Bio-Structural Correction directly addresses these issues. In fact, only Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ makes the claim of CONSISTENT AND PREDICTABLE changes to your structure, following treatment, without exercises. And it works with countless clients (including children, athletes and the aging population).

It is important to note that internal organs also rely on proper alignment and movement of the musculoskeletal system to function correctly and efficiently. For example, if the upper back is rounded, it can restrict the amount of oxygen taken in, which compromises the respiratory system. Another example of how musculoskeletal misalignment affects the organs is when the digestive system is compressed by the rib cage, which can result in the way we metabolise food being slowed down.

As society has become more and more sedentary, there is a greater need and demand for Advanced Bio-Structural Correction since a common result of a sedentary lifestyle is musculoskeletal dysfunctions and compensations. A huge portion of this sedentary lifestyle and its ill effects can be attributed to the number of people who must work at a desk looking at a computer for hours upon hours each day. It is extremely common that people will spend over 40 hours+ per week sitting at a desk.

Advanced Bio-Structural Correction highly encourages a lifestyle that incorporates more movement into daily life and it is important to evaluate the amount of time you spend sedentary. If you want to see results, whether that’s to improve your posture, eliminate pain or enhance performance then look no further.

Posture problems and pain conditions Advanced Bio-Structural Correction can help with:

  • – Back Pain
  • – Shoulder pain (incl. rotator cuff injuries)
  • – Elbow pain (incl. golfer’s & tennis elbow)
  • – Wrist Pain (incl. carpel tunnel syndrome)
  • – Hip Pain
  • – Headaches and Migraines
  • – Poor Circulation / Raynaud’s Syndrome
  • – Fibromyalgia / CFS / CMT / MS
  • – Foot & Ankle Pain
  • – Knee Pain
  • – Jaw Pain
  • – And much, much more

Benefits clients receive using Advanced Bio-Structural Correction:

  • – Improved mobility & flexibility
  • – Improved range of motion
  • – Improved focus, energy and productivity
  • – Stronger and healthier joints
  • – Decreased injury rates
  • – Improved balance and body control
  • – Improved athletic performance

If you are in pain you will benefit from a full body assessment. If you are based in Birmingham, book your assessment at our Pain & Mobility Clinic, Birmingham here: FULL BODY ASSESSMENT and see the results for yourself.

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