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The Negative Impact Poor Posture Has On Your Body

05/31/2019 by Admin

How are you sitting right now?

Laptop in lap? Shoulders slouched? Neck straining down to read this?

Do yourself a favour! If you aren’t already, then stand or sit upright, shoulders back. Notice and see the difference your posture has on your body? If after a few minutes it hurts to keep this “perfect” posture then maybe you need to pay us a visit @

If you think a few minutes of “perfect” posture hurts then consider the long term effects poor posture has on your body.


There are posture positions that contribute to tension in your neck, shoulders, and upper back muscles. The forward head posture is a postural pattern that might be associated with migraine. Suffer from headaches? Check your posture.


Repetitive activities at work or home may produce tension, muscle tightness that cause aches and pains in the back, shoulders and neck. One solution to preventing back pain is to improve your posture.

Digestive problems

Sitting slumped after eating puts pressure on your abdomen, this can cause acid reflux, heartburn, stand-off digestion or even cause constipation.


A lifeless body causes a lifeless mind-set. People who sit slouched have a tougher time thinking positive thoughts, sitting straight allows access to happier thoughts.

Low self-esteem

How you carry yourself is one of the first signals people pick up when they meet you. Make impressions count. You wouldn’t slouch at an interview so why carry yourself like this daily? Your posture will reflect how you feel. Stand nice and tall, look in the mirror how do you look? How do you feel? Positive? Confident? Be that every day!

Reduced lung function

Hunching forward prevents your lungs from taking in as much oxygen as it needs to fuel your body. Poor Posture (bending forward, backward or sideways) invites partial, limited and shallow breathing. Try it…! Sit down, bend over and try to breathe in. Have you noticed how harder it is to breathe? This is an extreme example of how our muscles and tendons get over restricted and cause a lessening of depth and ease in breathing.

Muscle tension

Poor posture can cause aches and pains, however these can be masked with over the counter medication. The real biggie is that it can weaken your muscles; making you more prone to injuries. Ultimately bad posture is caused by and contributes to tight weakened muscles. In order to improve your posture and keep your back safe it is a good idea to strengthen your muscles and ease any muscular tension you may have. Everyone’s body is different, so you may want to discuss your concerns and draw up a treatment plan with our practitioner.

Sleeping problems

We all know good posture is important and we’ve covered sitting and standing posture but it doesn’t end there. The muscles and ligaments in your back relax and heal while you sleep. In order to protect your body, good posture is important whilst sleeping. Regardless of sleeping position, ensure you keep your ears, shoulders and hips aligned.

There Is An Alternative Solution

Generally speaking your posture isn’t something that you consciously pay attention to unless someone points it out to you. If you experience any of the above or you would like some helpful advice on how to correct your posture. Come pay us a visit.

If you are in pain you will benefit from a full body assessment. If you are based in Birmingham, book your assessment at our Pain & Mobility Clinic, Birmingham here: FULL BODY ASSESSMENT and see the results for yourself.

Posture problems and pain conditions Advanced Bio-Structural Correction can help with:

  • – Back Pain
  • – Shoulder pain (incl. rotator cuff injuries)
  • – Elbow pain (incl. golfer’s & tennis elbow)
  • – Wrist Pain (incl. carpel tunnel syndrome)
  • – Hip Pain
  • – Headaches and Migraines
  • – Poor Circulation / Raynaud’s Syndrome
  • – Fibromyalgia / CFS / CMT / MS
  • – Foot & Ankle Pain
  • – Knee Pain
  • – Jaw Pain
  • – And much, much more

Benefits clients receive using Advanced Bio-Structural Correction:

  • – Improved mobility & flexibility
  • – Improved range of motion
  • – Improved focus, energy and productivity
  • – Stronger and healthier joints
  • – Decreased injury rates
  • – Improved balance and body control
  • – Improved athletic performance

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