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Hip Osteoarthritis

What is Hip Osteoarthritis?

Hip osteoarthritis is a fancy name for wear and tear of the hip joint. Inflammation of the hip joint typically impacts older patients and can lead to cartilage damage and joint deformity.

What are the symptoms of Hip Osteoarthritis?

Symptoms include stiffness in the hip area, a feeling of warmth around the joint, pain radiating towards the groin, and acute pain with standing for an extended period of time. Osteoarthritis is more painful in the morning with a decrease in pain as you move throughout your day.

How we deal with Hip Osteoarthritis?

We use posture and muscle tests to better understand why your hip may be jamming and causing the osteoarthritis possibly from instability in your core or hip flexors. We then create an individualised plan around our findings that help stabilise the joint, strengthening the muscles are the joint and core, and improve your hip and low back mobility.