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05/31/2019 by Admin

In pain? Not sure which health professional is right for you? Has your Dr suggested physiotherapy, chiropractor or acupuncture? Chances are these professionals can help but will only temporarily relieve your symptoms. You don’t want temporary relief now do you!

You’re not alone. Most of our patients have tried other health modalities and their health remains the same or significantly worse. Our patients know that their symptoms were relieved temporarily. The reason why is simple. The modalities they tried, focused on symptoms rather than the root cause. Unlike these modalities, we at Pain & Mobility Clinic, Birmingham go one step further and focus on the entire body. You wouldn’t keep plastering your wall every time cracks appeared if you had subsidence? The same principal applies to your body; it is important to focus on the body as a whole.

At Pain & Mobility Clinic we focus on the entire structure of the body- namely the bones. It is safe to say that if the bodies structural integrity is sound, where all load-bearing joints (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders) line up horizontally and vertically, the body will move pain-free. Moving pain free happens when the ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders and head are stacked symmetrically on top of one another, and balanced left to right and front to back. If this is true, the rest of the body’s tissues i.e. muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints will behave the way they were designed to.

When the bodies structure becomes misaligned, everything will pretty much fall apart. A bit like Jenga. You remove a block at a time until the whole thing comes crashing down. Where the human body is concerned, the body won’t fall to pieces, but it could possibly end up with osteoarthritis, degenerative discs or worse undergoing that dreaded hip or knee replacement!

Everyone wants to enjoy good health and mechanically operate “correctly”. So now you’re thinking what’s the solution! The only two modalities that focus on bones are Chiropractors and Advanced Bio-structural Correction, ABC in short. Both work directly on the spine to return it back to its natural ‘s’ shape, with a slightly important difference. Before we compare the two its good to know how chiropractic started.

The history of Chiropractors

Since its beginnings over 120 years, chiropractic care has now become much more popular and accessible. While chiropractic has typically been thought of as an “alternative” or “complimentary” offering, it’s popularity is now mainstream, recognised in many countries, and generally given the same standing as doctors and nurses.

The man who is considered the “godfather” of chiropractic is D.D. Palmer, who was the first person to make the claim that abnormalities of the spine were the root causes of many diseases. In the 1890s, Palmer began treating patients with a combination of hands-on adjustments. Palmer treated his very first patient named Harvey Lillard, who suffered from impaired hearing, by realigning his spine to improve communication between his brain and his body.

With an intense interest in medicine, especially bone-setting and manipulations of the neck and back, Palmer went on to teach many others. In 1897, he opened the very first school offering training in chiropractic treatments, called the Palmer School of Chiropractic. Since this time numerous chiropractic schools/colleges have opened around the world, enrolling thousands of future Doctor of Chiropractic every year.

What Chiropractors Do

A chiropractor will test the motion of joints and find out if they are moving as they should, also known as Motion Palpation. Once a segment of the spine or extremities are identified by having reduced range of motion, a chiropractor would then use a specific adjustment to free the joint and allow it to move correctly. Simple. Well not quite. The specific adjustment used pushes the joint forward. Chiropractors who adjust the body this way produce mixed results.

Pushing bones forward is not always the answer. That’s where Advanced Bio Structural Correction (ABC) comes to play. At Pain & Mobility we use ABC™, the principle is simple, it works with the complexity of the human body and how it functions. We work with one basic axiom, bones stuck forward in the spine cannot self-correct, as they have no muscle or group of muscles to pull them backwards. So, the body will compensate for those areas that it can’t fix.

This compensation is where the pain is found. The range of motion and muscles in the compensation area will end up dysfunctional. The muscles and joints will adjust over time and twist in various ways causing you pain, tension, and reduced mobility in the body and increasing your chances of injury.

We have found that when we focus on addressing the reason why the body is dysfunctional i.e. working on those bones that have been pushed forward, we see the self-correcting nature of the body at play. The body will begin to release itself of those compensations, increasing the success of patients being relieved of their pain. The time it takes will vary as the recovery time is dependent on how dysfunctional the body was before starting treatment.

How do we beat pain?

With everyone promising that they can solve your pain problems for you.

There’s no shortage of big promises for pain solutions.

This doctor says you’ll be cured—once you heal from surgery.

This gal says four injections, and you’ll be set for life.

This other guy says you’ll need 27 treatments, and your back pain will be a thing of the past.

Everyone means well, but they’re all missing 2 big pieces of the real solution.

Discovery 1:

Unknown to some chiropractors, orthopaedic surgeons and physical therapists is a problem known as Adult Tethered Cord Syndrome.

It turns out that due to structural misalignment, adhesions (stuck areas) form between the spinal cord and the bony spinal canal of the spine.

These adhesions get stuck in our spine and can then pull on the nerves of the spinal cord.

The result of this problem is pain, suffering, disability and a slow degeneration of posture and overall body function!

The discovery was made by two neurosurgical groups; Dr. Brieg in Sweden and Dr. Yamada in Irvine California, and not by chiropractors.

Upon discovering this they used surgical procedures to remove those adhesions between the spinal cord and the bony spinal canal.

They were amazingly successful, but it required major surgery.

If you’re more research oriented, then click this for an abstract of that research:

Research Link
Research Link (pdf)

The good news is that ABC™ is the only system in the world that can release these adhesions without painful surgery.

And the results are mind-blowing!

Discovery 2:

Where you feel pain isn’t the cause of your pain.

What happens is that a bone in the spine gets pushed out of place (i.e. forward) and your body cannot fix or re-position it.

Because there isn’t any muscles attached to pull it back.

When a bone becomes out of place in a direction the body cannot self correct, the natural and usual response is for the body to begin to twist, torque and bend to compensate for the imbalance caused by the bone out of place.

This results in the pulling on and stressing of the tissues and organs of the body such as the nervous system, muscles, joints, organs and vascular system.

This ultimately leads to the production and presentation of symptoms in the body which are in fact compensations, whose true origin, is a bone or bones out of place in a direction that the body cannot self correct.

​These compensations are what everyone else in the medical and non medical profession focus on in their treatment and not the true cause or origin.

This is what sets ABC™ apart from every other physical treatment modality, and is what makes Advanced BioStructural Correction ™ so unique when applied correctly.

Remember! where your body compensates, is where you will feel pain, but not where the actual misalignment occurs.
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Have you ever wondered why there are no walkers for people that are bent backwards or to the right or left?

Why are the walkers designed for people that are bent forward only?

It’s because you never see people any other way.

They are always forward.

But bones that are forward is the reason why your body creates compensations which will eventually lead to pain.

Yet this is what Chiropractors do.

Push bones forward.

This is the reason why Chiropractic treatment produce mix results.

Would you still let someone push your bones forward, for temporary pain relief, knowing forward pushed bones is what leads to pain?

Summarising Key Differences Between Chiropractors and ABC.

Chiropractors use diagnostic techniques (orthopaedic and neurologic) to find the area of pain, test its range of motion in that area, applying adjustment (push bones forward) and other muscle work techniques to loosen it up and restore function. This causes relief but along with other symptoms.

ABC™ on the other hand uses synch tests (what we do behind your head) to find bones that are stuck forward in a position the body can’t fix, allowing the body to release the compensation on its own. Producing more consistent and longer-term results. If you require additional information or are still undecisive between which health professional to see, we would be happy to discuss your situation with you in person.

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