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The way you Sit, Sleep and Stand Could be Causing you Chronic Pain.

06/15/2019 by Admin

The way we sit, sleep and stand can greatly influence our spinal health. Everything we do day to day can result in excess stress to our body’s, leading to or maintaining spinal dysfunction. It is very common to hear patients say that their back ‘went’ or they experienced excruciating pain after getting up from their […]


06/04/2019 by Admin

REMOVE ROOT CAUSE OF CHRONIC PAIN A healthy, functional, and pain-free body comes from proper alignment, joint position and function. The body is in alignment when all load-bearing joints (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders) line up horizontally and vertically. Where the ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders and head are stacked symmetrically on top of one another, […]

Why you do not need Orthotics

06/02/2019 by Admin

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have been told the following; i) You have flat feet and need to wear orthotics..ii) You must wear supportive shoes as a preventative measure ..iii) You have aches and pains in other parts of your body that have gone undiagnosed and is down to your […]


05/31/2019 by Admin

We see clients at our Pain & Mobility Clinic, Birmingham after they visit physiotherapists, chiropractors or rely on painkillers, braces and general exercises which fail to address their chronic pain. The reason why is simple. They couldn’t help in the long-term because they focused on the symptoms, rather than the underling root cause. As a […]

Eliminate Pain With Postural Correction.

by Admin

At Pain & Mobility Clinic, Birmingham we specialise in helping people move pain-free. By going back to basics and focusing on your posture, our postural therapy helps to eliminate chronic pain without drugs or surgery. The approach utilises a system called Advanced Bio-Structural Correction which starts off with a full body assessment of misalignment of […]

The Negative Impact Poor Posture Has On Your Body

by Admin

How are you sitting right now? Laptop in lap? Shoulders slouched? Neck straining down to read this? Do yourself a favour! If you aren’t already, then stand or sit upright, shoulders back. Notice and see the difference your posture has on your body? If after a few minutes it hurts to keep this “perfect” posture […]

Why Does My Shoulder Hurt?

by Admin

The shoulder pain can be caused by damage to one or more of the components of the shoulder—the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments that comprise the joint. This damage can be caused by disease, chronic overuse, or acute injury, so shoulder pain can appear immediately or progress gradually over time. Common injuries we see at […]

What is the difference between Chiropractors and Advanced Bio-Structural Correction?

by Admin

This is a question we get asked in the office every single week. Often, most of our clients have previously been to a chiropractor at some stage, if not people have heard stories from friends or family members who have been to chiropractors. This question usually arises once they realise the experience at Pain & […]


by Admin

In pain? Not sure which health professional is right for you? Has your Dr suggested physiotherapy, chiropractor or acupuncture? Chances are these professionals can help but will only temporarily relieve your symptoms. You don’t want temporary relief now do you! You’re not alone. Most of our patients have tried other health modalities and their health […]


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