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Pain&Mobility Clinic

Should you see a chiropractor when in pain?


We’re focused on helping you move pain-free. We get faster, consistent and more predictable results when compared to other chiropractic methods.

When you experience an injury or pain, or you want to perform better, it’s difficult to understand who you should see. Especially, when everyone focuses on symptoms. Understanding this frustration and knowing there was a better alternative to chiropractors, Pain & Mobility Clinic was born.

We are a team of experts in musculoskeletal disorders. We incorporate Advanced BioStructural Correction™ that leverages a system of pain reduction, postural correction and mobility optimisation designed to get you out of pain and moving the way your body was designed to.

By focusing on the root cause of your pain we can target with greater precision, areas of your body that need treating, and get you more predictable results than other chiropractors in Birmingham.




We take a fully integrated approach to movement. Our comprehensive body assessment helps identify postural misalignments, breakdowns in mobility and motor control and poor movement patterns.

Understanding the relationship this plays in your health and fitness goals, your personalised plan will ensure you develop the right movement patterns to support your work, sports, and daily activities.

Posture/spine correction. Alternative to chiropractor
AI driven Chiropractor


Our specially designed marker less motion capture system provides you with objective and informative detail on your posture and movement patterns.

Instead of “eye-balling” your assessment we record and analyse data, using AI powered insights, to recognise harmful compensations sooner to prevent further injuries.

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We spend countless hours developing our internal training program. Where each movement and postural correction technique is selected based on strong scientific and empirical evidence.

In addition to qualifications, all staff must undertake this training which forms part of their CPD to ensure you receive the best care.

Posture/spine correction. Alternative to chiropractor 2

Are you in pain?

There’s an alternative to Chiropractor which provides care for patients of all ages, with a range of conditions. It’s called Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

Prefer to relax?

A sports massage is a great way to deal with stress on your body

Injured or had surgery?

Our rehabilitation protocols are essential for those patients recovering from injuries, surgery or who suffer from chronic problems.

Meet the team

Find out more about your alternative to chiropractic therapists. Your ABC™ Practitioners.

Affordable prices

Learn more about our affordable prices and payment plans. Whatever your goals we’ve got a plan for you.

Conditions we see

Learn how our alternative approach to chiropractors can help with a variety of conditions and symptoms.

What to expect

What to expect on your first visit and our irresistible chocolate fudge brownies.


Eliminate pain and get back to moving pain-free again. Book your next session and see how Pain & Mobility Clinic, Birmingham is different to other chiropractors in Birmingham.

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The alternative to Chiropractic Care in Birmingham

If you are suffering with pain you’re in good hands with our team of professionals. Our team is made up of the best Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ practitioners, joint and mobility coach and a sport message therapist, all specialists in their field. They live and breathe this stuff everyday, and they’ve dedicated their professional lives to helping patients just like you become fitter, stronger, and healthier than ever.

By providing an alternative to chiropractic treatments, using evidence-based techniques and years of experience, we are here to help you achieve better health and wellbeing. Join us, and see how our solutions from, Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ (the alternative to method chiropractors), fitness, massage to rehabilitation is helping patients across Birmingham enjoy life again.

I look forward to welcoming you soon.

“I’ve devoted my entire career to making sure patients reduce their pain and improve the posture to live a healthy, pain-free life.”

Pain and Mobility Clinic