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Patients Success Stories

Advanced BioStructural Correction 1. Alternative to Chiropractors
Advanced BioStructural Correction 2.  Alternative to Chiropractors
Advanced BioStructural Correction 3. Alternative to Chiropractors
Advanced BioStructural Correction 4. Alternative to Chiropractors
Advanced BioStructural Correction 5. Alternative to Chiropractors
Advanced BioStructural Correction 6. Alternative to Chiropractors
“I have to admit, this is the best treatment I have ever received and I have tried a few places. The gentleman is polite and exceptionally hard working. He is knowledgeable and helped me with whatever needed looking at. I would highly recommend to everyone. 10/10”.Naseem K.
“I myself take part in amateur boxing which means I be competing every other week and train at high level every day. Not long ago I hurt my back due to numerous reasons. I tried everything from yoga to chiropractor to different sports massages. A lot of these things gave me temporary relief but whenever the pain did come back it came back twice as bad. But after seeing Zaid at the Correct Posture not only has my back been healing but also my posture is improving. Every session I leave feeling 10x better about myself. I had thoughts that I would never be able to train again let alone box. I am still currently seeing Zaid as he is helping me improve my posture to the best that we can. This improves my sleeping and living my day to day life. I highly recommend Correct Posture for any sort of pain. If you want to heal and feel fit and strong then this is the place you want to visit.” – Danny I.
“Excellent care and treatment. Very pleased with my results so far. I’ve had significant improvement in my neck and back issues. Zahid is very helpful and accommodating of my busy work schedule and always makes effort to fit me in. He takes time to explain everything in great detail and makes you feel at ease. It’s very hard to find a practitioner that genuinely cares about your health and wellbeing. Highly recommend!” Amal A.
“Was involved in car accident injured my leg and upper back neck, since I have been under Zahids supervision I feel so much better and pain free. Zahid is a cracking guy who knows his stuff would definitely recommend him”.- Atif M.
“I have suffered with my back for many years .
Zahid has helped me so much with all my back problems and is always polite and listens carefully to see how he can help me .
He always explains everything He does so that I can understand how the treatment will help. I have seen continuous improvement from my first session and I am very happy with my treatment . Many thanks to Zahid at pain & mobility clinic”. Daz J.
“Zahid is very helpful and extremely polite this treatment has helped me in a few ways I can now walk better and stand for longer, I don’t feel the pain on my hips anymore in only a month”. Pauline H.
“I suffer from Chronic neck and shoulder pain. Before seeing Zahid at Correct posture I suffered severely in agonising pain, I never slept at night I would cry and was very depressed as I couldn’t do simple tasks, brush my hair or have a shower. I went to alot of specialist but the pain never went. I was referred to Zahid by a friend and I thought I would try this option out aswell. The first day I was in agony after the treatment but as days went on I can say now I’m pain free most of the days I sleep at night 8hours straight without breaking my sleep. I can lift things , brush my hair and most importantly I’m off the strong medication I was on. I rarely need painkillers and I feel lighter and happier. Zahid has really helped me throughout the treatment process and he calls to ask if I’m feeling ok after treatment. I can now stretch my hand lift it and do alot more than I could before. I urge everyone to try this if they are in pain, I have done it and I have seen huge difference in myself.” Syno R.
“I am writing this after my second treatment with Zahid at correct posture. I suffer from severe neck and back pain… I have tried various chiropractors but have not felt pain relief like i did with Zahid’s correction. Zahid explains what he is doing throughout the treatment… after just 2 sessions i am already mindful of my posture throughout the day. I highly recommend correct posture. Thank you for the treatment Zahid.” Barry S.
“Excellent, i have been having regular upper back pain and neck due to posture for many years. Working with Zahid, 2-3 times a week over time I hope my posture will continue to improve. Zahid is extremely informative, through out every visit”. Louise W.
“I started my treatment because I was involved in a car crash when I was younger so had constantly suffered with lower back pain and found nothing the Drs were referring me for helped apart from the strong pain killers. My first appointment I felt nervous but the practitioner Zahid made me feel at ease with his friendly approach…. After a few treatments, coming in twice a week, I saw and felt a difference to the way I was standing and the fact I hadn’t had to take the pain killers as often as I used to put a smile back on my face. I am very pleased with how my progress is going and have now bought my 8 year old daughter along who has started her treatments. Thank you guys :)”. Cherelle G.