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Pain&Mobility Clinic


Hundreds of people around the world are getting fast pain relief using Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ .

If You’re In Pain, We Can Help.

Combining understanding of bones, muscles, joints and nerves. This integrated approach is the first in the industry. No one is bringing it all together to provide you with a solution that addresses it all. Until now. Our pain reduction, posture correction & mobility program utilises Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol that targets the root cause of your chronic pain. The method is effective in helping you deal with:

  • Foot & Ankle Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • – Poor Circulation / Raynaud’s Syndrome
  • – Fibromyalgia / CFS / CMT / MS
  • – Jaw Pain
  • – And much, much more

Why Do We Get Into Pain?

Are you sick and tired of the never-ending search for a solution to your pain?

Understand why we get into pain (a simple walk through)

It’s usually more complicated but this simple look will give you an idea of why other treatments may not give you results. It’s important to note that where you feel pain, is never the problem. And why focusing on the symptoms is never the answer.

It’s an injury to a single bone yet it creates 3 compensations. The compensations are a direct result of the bone moving in a direction the body cannot self-correct (i.e. forward). Since, there are no muscles pulling the bone back, the compensations cause midback pain, neck pain and headaches.

Chiropractor Spinal Injury
  • 1 – A bone goes forward and the body becomes out of balance and falls forward to compensate.
  • 2 – The body pulls the spinal bones into extension, leaning backward to counterbalance the forward collapse, causing discomfort between the shoulder blades.
  • 3 – The downward pressure forces the bone further forward.
  • 4 – Another bone gets purposely pulled forward to relieve the pressure and pain below. This causes the head to pull forward, collapsing the chest and rolling shoulders forward.
  • 5 – To compensate, the head and neck go into extension. This creates a stiff neck and squeezes the nerves at the base of the head causing neck pains, headaches, blurry vision and much more.

We Do More Than Stop Pain

You will work with our therapist to get your body pain-free. You will notice every physiological function from Movement, Pain, Inflammation, Lung Capacity, Heart Rate and Mood improves too. We also show you better ways to live your daily life through physical, nutritional and lifestyle improvements.


We help regain your mobility and flexibility so you’re moving to your body’s maximum natural ability.


We develop your connective tissues to make your joints stronger and healthier.


We restore your bodies nervous system, helping reduce brain fog leading to increased concentration and attention levels.


We develop your postural alignment to reduce stress on your joints, leaving you looking and feeling your best.


We get your muscles working the way they should by increasing their stability and control helping you balance better.

What Makes Us Different

Our system is built upon the most effective structural program in the world (ADVANCED BIOSTRUCTURAL CORRECTION™) to help you move freely and easily without pain.

As you progress through the program you will notice your posture will improve as will your breathing, strength, mobility and balance. You will recover faster with a corrective exercise plan tailored to your needs and we’ll provide regular feedback on your progress. Our approach works regardless of your body or age.

Chiropractor Posture Correction

Pain&Mobility Clinic Changes Lives

Lasting pain reduction and postural correction like these don’t come from exercises, massages or traditional chiropractic adjustments. They come from proven, research-driven methods that continue to work with tens of thousands of people of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles. And they happen when you have a world-class Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ practitioner that understands the biomechanics of the human body and connective tissue adaptations to guide you step-by-step towards pain reduction and postural correction.

Pain&Mobility Clinic will transform you forever.

You tell us what you want to do. We’ll help you do it. First, your Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ practitioner will learn about your lifestyle, needs, and specific goals. Then, over the course of the treatment, we’ll give you everything you need to look, feel, and perform better than you thought possible.

Pain&Mobility Clinic has a proven system to help you.

You’ve probably tried multiple therapies and medication in the past. And you’ve concluded that they simply don’t work in the long run. Instead of the all-or-nothing approach, we use a sustainable, practice-based approach to get your body back to perfect alignment, one treatment at a time. The result? You’ll say goodbye to pain, stress, anxieties and so much more.

Pain&Mobility Clinic are experts in pain, posture and mobility

We utilise a system of Posture Correction & Movement Optimisation Therapy to help reverse your pain and get you moving pain-free. It isn’t only about fixing injuries, it’s about making you better prepared for the every day. Clients just like you are finally feeling better and benefiting from:

  • – Improved mobility & flexibility
  • – Improved range of motion
  • – Improved focus, energy and productivity
  • – Stronger and healthier joints
  • – Decreased injury rates
  • – Improved balance and body control
  • – Improved athletic performance

Pain&Mobility Clinic is results driven

We continue to test and refine our methods to ensure you always achieve the best results and measure your progress along the way. Our expert therapist creates a comprehensive roadmap that is specific, measurable, realistic and timely.

  • – Conduct a full comprehensive body assessment
  • – Create personalised plans and avoid cookie cutter ones
  • – Focus on protocols that get results
  • – Validate protocols to ensure they provide permanent solutions

Pain&Mobility Clinic values customer service

Our ethos is simple. Provide the dedicated attention and care you deserve and share knowledge so you get more out of each treatment.

Are you in pain?

There’s an alternative to Chiropractor which provides care for patients of all ages, with a range of conditions. It’s called Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

Prefer to relax?

A sports massage is a great way to deal with stress on your body

Injured or had surgery?

Our rehabilitation protocols are essential for those patients recovering from injuries, surgery or who suffer from chronic problems.

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Find out more about your alternative to chiropractic therapists. Your ABC™ Practitioners.

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Conditions we see

Learn how our alternative approach to chiropractors can help with a variety of conditions and symptoms.

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What to expect on your first visit and our irresistible chocolate fudge brownies.

Pain, Mobility & Posture Articles

Pain & Mobility also researches on key pain and posture topics and publishes regular articles and infographics on hot topics in the field.


Eliminate pain and get back to moving pain-free again. Book your next session and see how Pain & Mobility Clinic, Birmingham is different to others in Birmingham.

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